Hello Dear reader,

Today I have thought to share with you about dreams. First we’ll get to know what a dream is, some common dreams and there meanings then we’ll look at some factors that determine the type of dreams we have . Some dreams seem so vivid and real that were are compelled to believe that the dreams must have a significant impact on our lives and wellbeing.

Almost every person has dreamt, if there is any who has never dreamt, I bet they are from another planet. Even those persons (aliens) living in those other planets, I believe that they do dream too.

Some dictionaries define a dream as a series of images, sounds and events witnessed while one is asleep. A dream also be defined as imaginary events “seen” in sleep. Scientists say dreaming occurs at REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.


1. Falling off a cliff or some other raised place.» If one dreams falling from a very high place like off a cliff or plain, be interpreted as loss of control or authority in a certain situation.

2. Death.»When a certain occurrence in the dream leads to death of oneself, it can be a sign of renewal of self,revival or transition (mental or spiritual). 

3. Loosing teeth.» In the event that one dreams that they are loosing teeth, it may indicate  that they are loosing  confidence in themselves. 

4. Drowning.» When someone dreams that they are drowning, it could indicate that they’re currently in a very stressful situation or they’ll get into it.

5. Snake.»In some dreams one may spot a snake in their environment.   Seeing a snake in dream could be a warning that you are in a dangerous situation or you’ll be in a dangerous one.

Some Factors  That  Dictate  The  Kind  Of Dreams  We Have  

1. Our relationship status.
A person may oftenly dream of someone they are in emotional attachment with. Someone longing to have a friend may meet his/her ideal friend in their dreams.

2. Condition of the body before sleeping.
In case someone takes a heavy meal a few hours before going to sleep, they may have some very interesting dreams. They may dream being chased by a monster or some wild animal like cheetah, bear,tiger or even elephant. These dreams could be signaling the body to use up that energy in the body, but since one is asleep the brain simulates environment that makes one use up their  energy in the events in the  dream,  like running away from a monster. 

3. Physical state.
While asleep, the body may need to  get rid of some metabolic wastes. For instance, if the bladder is full and needs emptying, one may dream urinating frequently in his/her dream. In case of stomach upset or need of emptying,  one may dream visiting the washrooms often or finding it difficult to relieve himself/herself. ( Unless one wakes up and appropriately responds to call of nature, they may soil beddings. This may happen to kids. )

4. Current life situations.
Current real life situations might be reflected in your dreams thus determining the kind of dream you have. If the current situations are challenging, your dreams might be horrific.

5. Reading and Watching
For instance, a character from a comic strip, storybook , novel you read or a movie you watched, might appear in your dream. This could depend on your emotional attachment to that character, fear or affection. Also the role of the character in the story or movie may be reflected in your dream.

Role  Of Dreams In Our  Lives

Dreams are significant in our lives, the most calm and peaceful dreams help us relax greatly in our sleep.  We get to rise up greatly refreshed.
Dreams also display our creativity and imagination capabilities. Events and environment in our dreams are influenced by our beliefs, culture, real life surroundings and experiences.

Thank you for reading this article.